The City of Mt. Juliet Communications and Public Information Officer team serves as the primary hub for disseminating information to the community, addressing inquiries from both the news media and community members.

Comprising a dynamic duo of a Communications Director and a Public Information Officer, our team collaborates closely with various city departments, including the City, Police Department, and Fire Department, to ensure proactive communication and effective management of social media platforms.

Engaging with the media on a daily basis, our dedicated staff not only responds to public inquiries but also delivers informative presentations to the community. Beyond that, we are pivotal in publishing relevant information to keep our community well-informed. Moreover, our team provides valuable media relations training for staff, manages internal communications for department employees, and oversees content management for the City’s website and social media channels. We are committed to fostering transparent communication and enhancing community engagement for the City of Mt. Juliet.

Contact for a Media Inquiry:

  1. Click here to e-mail a media inquiry!

Open / Public Records Records Requests:

  1. Please familiarize yourself with the Open / Public Records Policy (click link).
  2. Submit the Open / Public Records Request through the Request Portal (click link).

MJAlert Text Community Notifications:

The City of Mt. Juliet utilizes a web-based mass notification system in order to alert residents, businesses, and visitors of critical news, announcements, and emergency information via email, phone, or text messaging. To learn more about the service and register, visit MJAlert Community Notifications (click link).

  1. Justin Beasley

    Justin Beasley

    Communications Director

  2. Sami Kincaid

    Sami Kincaid

    Public Information Officer

Communication Channels & Social Media

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  2. Police Department
  3. Fire Department
  4. Parks Department
  5. Social Media Terms
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