Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

The mission of the Mt. Juliet Police Department is to provide the highest quality service, in partnership with the community, to preserve and protect life and property through education, prevention, proactive problem solving, and enforcement.

Vision Statement

The Mt. Juliet Police Department will be known for its community service orientation, effective crime prevention through community involvement, and for providing a safe living and working environment for all citizens and guests. The department will strive for professionalism and integrity by maintaining high ethical and performance standards. Technical advancement, training, and professional skill development will be encouraged and supported to enhance effectiveness and provide the safest possible environment for all police department members. Employees will be encouraged and supported to be proactive and flexible in the identification of problems and solutions within the department. Enforcement actions will be based upon respect for individual rights and the commitment to protect the safety of all persons within the community. Dedicated to who we serve, our department will continue to keep individuals, families and our community safe.

Core Values


We are willing to confront internal and external challenges. We recognize the dangers inherent in our profession and are willing to place the safety of others above that of our own.


We will be knowledgeable and proficient in the performance of our job responsibilities. We will assess our actions to improve performance.


We pledge to fulfill our mission by being accountable to our community, our department, and to each other. We identify problems and develop and implement solutions to improve our community’s quality of life.


We care about the well-being of all members of our department and community. We will treat everyone with dignity and respect.


We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct, which are the cornerstones of our profession. We will uphold the public trust and our commitment to our core values.