Women's Self-Defense Class

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The Mt. Juliet Police Department is pleased to offer a Women's Self-Defense Course to our community's ladies. The department teaches The Equalizer Women's Self-Defense Program (EWSP), and has staff members certified to teach the course at the department.

This program educates women about how to recognize and reduce their risk of being victimized by violent crime and property crime and how to defend against, survive and escape a physical attack.

Registration for our next class is now open! The class series dates are:
April 23rd, 30th, May 7th, 14th, & 21st (Students must attend each class)
TIMES: 12pm-3pm 
LOCATION: MJPD Headquarters | 1019 Charlie Daniels Pkwy
** NOTE: Classes are typically limited to 30 participants and registration may be suspended if the class size limit is reached.

Equalizer Women’s Self-defense Student Course Objectives

By the end of the Equalizer Student Certification Course, a Certified Participant will be educated about the following:

  • How to avoid being the target of an attacker;
  • The proper use-of-force to escape an attacker;
  • The law and the use-of-force against an attacker.
  • The facts concerning rape/sexual assault and stalking as well as what options they have if they or someone they know becomes a victim;
  • The effects of rape/ sexual assault and who can help;
  • How to recognize dangerous situations;
  • How to reduce their exposure to possibly dangerous situations.

Learn more about The Equalizer Women's Self-Defense Program by visiting the certifying organization's website here: The Equalizer

For any questions please contact Sgt. Lance Schneider at lschneider@mtjuliet-tn.gov

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Classes are held four times a year; special offerings, however, are available upon request to groups of 30 or more. If you are a Mt. Juliet employer or organization and would like to offer this program to your ladies, we can work with you to arrange a special offering at Police Headquarters.