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Hotel / Motel / Campground / Bed and Breakfast Tax Report

  1. Important: This report is delinquent if not filed by the 20th day of each month following the month for which report is due!
  2. 1. Gross receipts or sales
  3. 2. Less: Excludable Receipts (i.e. restaurant, etc.)
  4. 3. Net taxable receipts for occupancy of rooms / spaces
    Line 1 less Line 2
  5. 4. Tax Due Equals 4% of line 3
  6. 5. Less 2% of Line 4 as Vendor Compensation when tax remittance is not delinquent; if delinquent zero.
  7. 6. If delinquent, compute penalty of 1% for each 30 day period or any portion thereof of delinquency of tax due on line 4.
  8. 7. If delinquent, compute interest at 12% per annum.
    Daily rate is 0.000328 of Line 4.
  9. Line 4 less Line 5 or sum lines 4, 6, and 7, if delinquent
    Total tax due with this report
  10. I declare under penalty of perjury that this return has been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief; this is a true, correct and complete.
  11. Please make checks payable to: City of Mt. Juliet

    Mail to:
    P.O. Box 679
    Mt. Juliet, TN 37121-0679

    Deliver payment to:
    2425 North Mt. Juliet Road
    Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
    (Drop Box Available)
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