How can I become compliant?
If there is no grease trap at the Food Service Establishment (FSE), City of Mt. Juliet requires that all grease laden waste streams be tied into grease control device. City of Mt. Juliet requires in-ground outside grease traps be no less than a 1,000 gallon. A guide sheet for sizing the grease trap is located in the Grease Control Program for your assistance.

The FSE may want to utilize an engineer to assist you with determining the proper size your FSE needs. Where it is determined by City of Mt. Juliet that the installation of an approved in-ground outside grease trap is infeasible or physically impossible to install, then an adequate and approved under the-counter grease trap, may be required for use on individual fixtures, including sinks, dishwashers, and other potentially grease containing drains. The location of these units must be located as near as possible to the source of the wastewater. Under-the-counter grease traps require more frequent maintenance and record-keeping. Please obtain a copy of the City of Mt. Juliet Grease Control Program policy to understand the requirements for compliance with the Program.

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1. What is a grease interceptor/grease trap?
2. Why is grease a problem?
3. Do I need a grease trap?
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6. How can I become compliant?
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