Do I need a grease trap?
Any Food Service Establishment (FSE) that introduces grease or oil discharges from kitchens, dish washing and any wastewater that is associated with food preparation should have a grease trap. This excludes residential occupancies that do not participate in the selling or preparation of food for commercial gain or business.

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1. What is a grease interceptor/grease trap?
2. Why is grease a problem?
3. Do I need a grease trap?
4. Is the grease trap I have adequate?
5. What if I don’t have grease trap?
6. How can I become compliant?
7. What are the criteria for maintenance and securing my grease trap?
8. Who is responsible for inspecting my grease trap?
9. What if my grease trap is found to be noncompliant by City of Mt. Juliet inspector?
10. What is escalated enforcement?
11. What documentation must I maintain and for how long must it be maintained?