N.C. Hibbett Hall- Train & History Museum

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Established in 2023, the City of Mt. Juliet- N.C. Hibbett Hall Train & History Museum is a one of a kind gem.  This  historical representation of Mt. Juliet will take visitors back to a simpler time where passing train cars could have outnumbered local citizens on any given day. The crown jewel of this museum is its model train display that will take visitors to the 1910's-1940's era of Mt. Juliet. The museum also features several history exhibits that tell the story of Mt. Juliet's incorporation as a City in 1972.

The train collection was a vision by N.C. Hibbett, the town's first mayor in 1973.  N.C. Hibbett was an avid train collector and it is a privilege to have his train on display.

With the help of the Parks & Rec and GIS Department, local resident train enthusiast Keith Wamsley has worked to restore many different locomotives and train cars that are part of Hibbett’s collection.